Mercato, based in Johannesburg and named after Africa’s largest open air market in Addis Ababa, is a leading investing services company and automated global electronic broker  who provides an alternative for investors who value the availability of one-on-one support as they execute their investing and trading strategies.

Founded in 2008, Mercato’s mission is to help remove barriers to clients’ financial success. Mercato is proud to partner with clients, offering them the solutions and support they need to take control of their long-term investing and trading needs.

At Mercato, we understand investors and traders and we are passionate about helping them achieve their goals. Executing orders through us, traders and investors will have access to Mercato’s nationally-recognized support and platforms.

Since 2008, our clients have put their trust in us to deliver the right solutions and service that support their individual needs and to help them define their own financial success.

We’ve come a long way from our early days as a value-driven brokerage firm. From the beginning we believed that providing exceptional value and in-person service could distinguish Meracto in the industry. Our extensive communication tools allow clients to receive personalized assistance across South Africa.

Throughout our more than 8-year history, our clients’ financial plans and goals have evolved – and so have we. We’ve grown the brokerage products and services, expanded into individualised cash management bank accounts, foreign currency transfers and have evolved to offer investment guidance options. Whether clients want to make all their own decisions, validate those decisions or hand it all off to a professional, we’re here to help clear the path so that they have the confidence to build a plan for financial success.

Our firm is organized in four key lines of business:

Global Markets

Unit Trust Advisory

Portfolio Management

Bespoke Financial Solutions

As part of our commitment to active investors and traders, Mercato has built a team of industry professionals with the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in reaching their financial goals. These associates will work directly with clients to onboard them onto the platform and help them achieve their goals.



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