Structured cash savings

Mercato Financial Services, a division of Lentus Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, has partnered with Investec to offer you cash solutions that can be tailored to meet your savings needs. Mercato uses Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager (CCM), an innovative, secure online banking system, to transact on your behalf.

As an appointed partner, we can offer our clients access to an exclusive call account from Investec CCM. This account offers an attractive opportunity to maximise cash investment returns coupled with the functionality and convenience of a current account.

The Corporate Cash Manager is ideal for businesses and investors seeking to maximise the yield on their excess cash while enjoying the flexibility of a highly liquid investment, with cash being available immediately. The fund is tailored to suit the most conservative investors with a primary objective of capital preservation and bank diversification whilst achieving returns in excess of call rates.

Choose an account to suit your needs

Investec CCM has a range of cash investment products that can be tailored to meet your savings needs.

Accounts available to individuals only:


  • Savings account, with immediate access to your funds
  • Premium prime-linked interest rate, applies to balances of up to R25 million
  • Additional deposits can be made anytime

CCM Call Money Fund

  • Market related interest rate based on the average of the top four qualifying¹ South African money market unit trust funds plus 0.15% on a daily basis
  • Funds are available on call
  • Minimum deposit of R10 000 with a maximum of R25 million per client

¹The qualifying criteria for the fund, from which the pricing of the Corporate Cash Manager Call Money Fund is derived, are as follows.

The funds must have:
• A fund size of R1 billion or more
• Less than 25% invested in corporate debt

Accounts available to individuals and entities:

Call accounts

  • Immediate access to funds
  • Competitive prime-linked call rate

Term deposits

  • Term deposits ranging from 2 to 365 days, offering attractive rates
  • Minimum deposit amount of R5 000

CCM Notice Plus deposit

  • Notice periods: 32, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 days
  • Immediate withdrawal access: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%
  • Competitive prime-linked rate – a combination of period and percentage access selected
  • If notice has not been placed on the funds, additional interest will be earned on top of the applicable interest rate:
    • 30 days without placing notice – 0.05% additional interest will be earned
    • 60 days without placing notice – 0.10% additional interest will be earned
    • 90 days without placing notice – 0.15% additional interest will be earned
    • Total potential interest that could be earned is 0.30%
    • Once notice is placed and on the day that the funds become available, the interest rate will default back to the current initial interest rate
  • Minimum deposit amount of R10 000

How it works

  • The account can be opened either in the client’s own name and/or in the name of a company or trust
  • Funds can be transferred from any outside account into your Investec CCM bank account
  • Mercato is responsible for all administrative duties relating to your CCM bank account
  • You can instruct us to make third-party payments directly from your account, including recurring payments. This is perfect way to fund your Retirement Annuity (RA), Tax-free savings (TFSA) or local and international brokerage accounts.
  • Client instructions will be processed immediately
  • Mercato will send you your weekly CCM statement reflecting details of all deposits, withdrawals, transfers and  interest earned


  • You earn very attractive interest rates
  • Personalised service
  • A dedicated administration team that supports Corporate Cash Manager
  • You pay no bank charges other than our administration fee. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the interest you earn on your investment.
  • You can centralise all of your dealings with us. Only ONE central bank account to fund all your other investment vehicles.
  • Call accounts, notice deposits and other dynamic products such as the CCM Call Money Fund
  • Term deposits ranging from 2 days to 365 days