Secure Login System

Mercato clients can elect to receive a security code device that generates a unique, random series that must be entered (along with your Mercato username/password combination) each time you log in. Using this card adds a second important layer of security to your account and goes a very long way toward protecting your assets.

Participation in the Secure Login System is voluntary but please considering the following:

  • The security device provides a virtually impenetrable layer of physical security to your account.
  • If you choose not to participate and your account is compromised, Mercato will not compensate you or credit your account.
  • Participation results in higher daily and weekly withdrawal limits.
  • If you have multiple accounts, you don’t need multiple devices. You can share a security device among multiple usernames registered to the same individual.
  • Mercato clients can request a security code card from within Account Management under the Manage Account Click Security > Secure Login System.