Unit Trusts

A Global Approach

We can assist you to create and grow your investment portfolio through a range of the world’s leading unit trusts that offer you a seamless way to plan, manage and secure your future financial well being

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by a multi-manager approach; hence our portfolios are well diversified across asset classes and geographical regions. Our investment range is not limited to South Africa only, but also includes offshore portfolios. We analyse a combination of investment products from different Investment Houses and seek to advise on asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction to deliver the most appropriate risk-adjusted portfolio for our clients according to their individual needs.


The needs of our clients are of the utmost importance. We choose the best combination of investment managers according to the risk tolerance and particular requirements of our clients. Our independence is a valuable benefit in this process. Regular meetings are held with our clients to discuss their investments and its performance. Ultimately, we view ourselves as a business partner of our clients rather than a service provider.

Retirement Annuities

Preserving and growing your wealth

A retirement annuity is a personal retirement plan which enables you to save tax-efficiently for retirement and can expose clients to growth assets like shares. These assets are essential to produce inflation-beating investment returns. It is an ideal way to supplement your existing pension or provident fund;or build your own retirement fund if you are self-employed. You can make lump sum or regular monthly contributions to build up capital that will benefit you in retirement and by giving your money time to grow, you benefit from the power of compound growth.

Benefits of saving in a retirement annuity

  • Access to global markets – select from a range of unit trusts that are managed by leading South African fund managers.
  • Flexible contribution structure – make regular contributions and/or you can add lump-sum contributions at the start of your investment or any time during the savings term.
  • Tax efficient – contributions are tax deductible within limits, investment returns also do not attract any tax during your contribution term.
  • Protected investment – your money is protected against the claims of creditors.
  • Cash lump sum – you can take up to one-third as a cash lump sum at retirement of which a portion may be tax free.
  • Annuity income – when you retire from your retirement annuity, you must use at least two-thirds of the proceeds to buy a compulsory annuity. This will provide you with a regular income in retirement.
  • Estate duty exemption – in the event of your premature death, more money goes to your dependants.

Tax-free Saving Accounts

Save tax-free within a unit trust

Every South African (including children) can save R30,000 per annum, up to a maximum of R500,000 per individual per lifetime. All gains (income and capital) within the investment are tax-free.

  • No Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • No Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT)
  • No Securities Transfer Tax (STT)
  • No Tax on Interest Earned

Although the quantum is relatively small to start with the compounding effect of this savings mechanism is profound. The contributions are more substantial if one evaluates them as a family unit. For example, a family of four can save up to R120,000 a year in tax-free savings.

This product can be used for goal-based savings, retirement or unforeseen circumstances. These accounts make excellent savings vehicles for education and we would advise parents to open an account in the name of a child as soon as possible after birth.


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